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Pre-Conference Workshop: Introduction to Wood Materials and Adhesives

  • Live Event Only

  • Speakers:

    • Adam Taylor, PhD | University of Tennessee Center for Renewable Carbon

    • ​Robert Breyer, PhD | Georgia-Pacific Chemicals​

Pre-Conference Workshop: Design of Experiments for Rapid Innovation

  • Live or Virtual Options Available

  • Speaker:

    • Timothy Young, PhD | University of Tennessee Center for Renewable Carbon​

Golf Outing at King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort


7:30 AM

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1:30 PM

Registration and Exhibit Hall Opens

Opening Remarks, Recognition of Sponsors and Welcome

Keynote 1 – Kurt Koch, VP of Product Engineering and Quality, Huber Engineered Wood

Keynote 2 Wendy Owens, Founder and CEO, Hexas Biomass, LLC

Keynote 3 – Harold Arnold, President, Fram Renewable Fuels, LLC

Keynote 4 – Charles Waddell, President, Global Plasma Solutions, ‘Innovations in Air Quality Cleansing for Removing COVID in the Work Place’ 

Break with Exhibitors

Plenary 1 – Matt Holt, Director of Quality, Roseburg Forest Products, ‘How Data Science is changing the Forest Products Industry

Plenary 2 – Charles Gale, Strategic Business Analyst, SmartLam North America

Plenary 3 – Bob Breyer, GP Chemicals, ‘The Future of the Forest Products Industry and How Can You Help us Get There’

Open Questions and Discussion

Concurrent Session 1: Wood Adhesives and Material Science I

Moderator: Rubin Smulsky, Mississippi State University

  • David Harper, University of Tennessee – ‘Enhancing nature’s surfaces: using informed computational models to improve the function and performance of biobased materials’

  • Brian Via, Auburn University – ‘Soy Flour substituted pMDI for Wood Composites’

  • Bryant Gonzalez, SOI Chem, - ‘Soy Adhesives for the Future’

  • Abiodun Aalawode, Auburn University – ‘Performance of different fillers in methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) resin’

Concurrent Session 2: Structural Wood Materials

Moderator: Adam Taylor, University of Tennessee

  • Steve Winistorfer, PFS TECO - ‘General process of testing and certifying CLT’

  • Mustafa N. KAYA, Mississippi State University – ‘Hygrothermal behavior of cross-laminated timber panels partially submerged in water’

  • Guangmei Cao Anderson, Mississippi State University - ‘Fitting Statistical Distribution Models to MOE and MOR in Mill-Run Red Pine and Spruce Lumber Populations’

  • Frank C. Owens, Mississippi State University – ‘Some Problems with Lower-tail Fitting in Modeling Strength Distributions of Lumber’

Concurrent Session 3: Data Science and AI

Moderator: Tim Young, University of Tennessee

  • Ed Sobek, Global Plasma Solutions – ‘Reducing SARS-CoV-2 virus air and surface contamination using ionization technologies’

  • Terry Liles, Huber Engineered Woods – ‘Application of EVOP in Wood Products Industry’

  • Anton Astner, University of Tennessee – ‘Component yield maximization of organosolv fractionated softwood combines with rapid prediction of lignin thermal properties’

  • Chloe Ericksen, University of Tennessee – ‘Interfacing ‘R’ software with JMP for machine learning and AI’

3:30 PM

Concurrent Session 4:Wood Adhesives and Material Science II

Moderator: Terry Liles, Huber Engineered Woods

  • Siqun Wang, University of Tennessee – ‘Optimizing Wood Composite Processing and Properties Via Press Control Strategies’

  • Sudip Chowdhury, The Willamette Valley Company – ‘Commodity to Value-Added Proposition: Engineered Waxes for Enhanced Panel Performance and Improved Safety’

  • Joseph Marcinko, Polymer Synergies – ‘Solid State Deuterium NMR Used to Study the Mobility of Water in Wood and Its Influence on Moisture Cure Adhesives’

  • Mark Gagnon, Penn State University – ‘Pressurized Radio Frequency Heating of Wood to Meet ISPM-15 Requirements’

Concurrent Session 5: Innovation in Sustainable Biomaterials and Processes

Moderator: Ronald Gonzales, North Carolina State University

  • Kim Tutin, Captis Aire, Atlanta, Georgia – ‘Industrial Air Pollution Control Technology for Wood Processing Enables Operators to Sell Valuable Bioproducts, Sell Carbon Offsets, and Significantly Reduce Operating Costs as it Cleans the Air’

  • R.A. Breyer, GP Chemicals – ‘Why We Should Transform Plywood Bond Performance Testing’

  • Rubin Shmulsky, Mississippi State University - ‘Development of access mat software for efficient specification, safe deployment, and environmental protection’

  • Scott Leavengood, Oregon State University – ‘Teaching lean manufacturing principles via remote instruction’


Concurrent Session 6: Innovation in Value Added Products

Moderator: Brian Via, Auburn University

  • Laya Khademibami, Mississippi State University - ‘Abrasion resistance and hardness assessment of five U.S. Hardwoods’

  • Levente Denes, West Virginia University - ‘Chair Development Based On Body Pressure Distribution – a Research Effort’

  • Danijela Domljan, University of Zagreb, Croatia -  ‘School furniture design – a comparison in primary schools in Croatia, Czech  Republic and the USA’

  • Richard Baldwin, Oak Creek Investments – ‘Keeping Structural and decorative wood products relevant: development of alternative products, fibers, and processes’

5:30 PM

6:30 PM

Cocktails by the Ocean



8:30 AM

10:30 AM

Industry News

Moderator: Fred Kurpiel

Concurrent Session 7: Industry Trends

Moderator: Rubin Smulsky, Mississippi State University

  • Ronald Gonzales, North Carolina State University – ‘How Global Megatrends will Shape the Forest Product Industry in the Next 10 Years’

  • Don Hodges, University of Tennessee – ‘A new MS-Forestry Curriculum at The University of Tennessee with a unique focus in data science’

  • Dick Baldwin, Oak Creek Investments – ‘Wood Utilization and Carbon Accounting within a  Forest Based Circular Bioeconomy’

  • Richard Poindexter, Search North America - ‘Wood Products Employment Trends & How To Keep Your Employees Engaged’

Concurrent 'Virtual' EU Session 1

Moderator: Tim Young, University of Tennessee

  • Klaus Richter, Technical University of Munich, Germany – ‘Forest-based bioeconomy in Germany: current status and recommended action’

  • Alexander Petutschnigg, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Kuchl Austria – ‘Test device for multispectral analysis of roundwood end faces’

  • Martin Reigler, BOKU University, Vienna Austria – TBD

  • Stefan Kain, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences – ‘Smart wood materials from additive manufacturing’

  • Fernão Magalhães, LEPABE - University of Porto, Portugal – ‘New cork-acrylic composite foam coating’

Concurrent 'Virtual' EU Session 2

Moderator: Terry Liles, Huber Engineered Woods

  • Rupert Wimmer, BOKU University, Austria – ‘Smart materials, magnetic wood and air cleaning’

  • Nathan Koelli, University of Applied Sciences and Arts TH OWL, Germany – ‘Densification and press-drying of wet oil palm lumber’

  • Csilla Csiha, Sopron University, Sopron, Hungary – ‘The relevance of wood moisture content when measuring contact angle’

  • Mehieddine Derbas, Wood K Plus, Vienna Austria – ‘Tool wear identification by monitoring acoustic emissions during wood milling’

Concurrent 'Virtual' EU Session 3

Moderator: Bob Breyer, GP Chemicals

  • Eugenia Tudor, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Kuchl Austria – ‘Biomimicry of bark-based composites in a circular economy’

  • Sergej Medved, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia – ‘Wood-based panels and water: Love and hate relationship’

  • Sergej Medved, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia – ‘Alternative resin system with liquefied wood for particleboard’

  • Alan Antonović, University of Zagreb, Croatia – 'Liquifued wood as a catalyst for melanine-urea-formaldehyde resin polycondensation in particleboard production'

  • Jorge Santos, LEPABE - University of Porto, Portugal – ‘Exterior grade particleboards 100% biobased, made from by-products of the food-packaging industry’

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