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CEO, Hexas Biomass

Wendy Owens is the founder and chief executive officer of Hexas Biomass LLC (Hexas), a role that allows her to use her experience as a serial entrepreneur in the communications technology, materials engineering, biotechnology, and healthcare industries. Prior to founding Hexas, Ms. Owens was in biotech as a clinical scientist and advisor to major bio-pharmaceutical companies. She led research studies funded by the CDC, Biogen, Shire, Genentech, and other biotech and bio-pharmaceutical companies.


Ms. Owens also co-founded and ran an advance composite materials engineering company taking the company from technology development to patenting and commercialization. Ms. Owens served as advisor to the US Secretary of Commerce and US Trade Representative on an International Trade Advisor Committee (ITAC 8) for 14 years.

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Senior Manager, Bakelite Synthetics

Bob Breyer

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