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     Department of Wood Science and Technology, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia, Europe) in collaboration with Forest Products Society (USA) is inviting you to join us at the 8th biennial international Processing Technologies for the Forest and Bio-based Products Industries (PTF BPI) Conference, which will be held between September 25th and September 28th in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

     Slovenia is a country in southern Central Europe positioned between Alps, Pannonian Basin and Adriatic see. Ljubljana, capital city of Slovenia is situated almost in center of Slovenia and in central location of Europe hence making it easily accessible.  making it easily accessible for attendees from various European countries. Slovenia has a diverse cultural heritage, and Ljubljana reflects this diversity. Ljubljana is known for its picturesque architecture, charming old town, and rich history.

     University of Ljubljana is the oldest and largest higher education and scientific research institution in Slovenia. University with its rich tradition was founded in 1919. It has approximately 40,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students and employs approximately 6,000 higher education teachers, researchers, assistants, and administrative staff in 23 faculties and three arts academies. One of the faculties is also Biotechnical Faculty with its Department of Wood Science and Technology. Department of Wood Science and Technology is the only one offering higher education in wood science at all three levels - undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies.

     So if you would like to visit the country where almost 60 % of its land is covered with forest, picturesque nature, rich and diverse architecture, if you would like to meet enthusiastic and skilled research and education team, state-of-the-art research facilities held at Department of Wood Science and Technology, if you would like to meet and engage with leading researchers, scholars, and professionals from all around the world, if you would like to network, build or strengthen your professional relationship then PTF BPI 2024 and Ljubljana, Slovenia in September 2024 is a place you have to be.

     On behalf of the organizing committee, we invite you to be with us from September 25th until September 28th 2024 at the 8th edition of PTF BPI. Looking forward seeing you in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Sergej Medved, Slovenia

University of Ljubljana


Forest Products Society -

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